Pazo de Monterrey Mencía, an excellent example of the Galician Mencía variety

Bodega Pazos del Rey presents Pazo de Monterrey Mencía, a wine made 100% with the Mencía variety. In Galicia this variety has a special finesse and freshness, which is perfectly reflected in this fragrant, delicate and fruity wine. It is the perfect choice to drink as an aperitif or paired with white meat, rice or semi-cured cheeses.

Pazo de Monterrey Mencía makes the most of the characteristics of such a good vintage as 2015, which has a marked Atlantic character that reinforces the wine’s floral notes.

The vineyards in which this wine is grown are located on the slopes of the Verín Valley, within the D.O Monterrei, which is one of the most unknown in Galicia but has showed a great potential thanks to the qualities of its soil, climate and grape variety combination. It is the only winemaking area in Galicia whose territory is located in the basin of river Duero and that still maintains the oceanic influence of the other areas, which is a great reason to grow red varieties such as the magnificent Mencía used in making Pazo de Monterrey.

Bodega Pazos del Rey is born precisely with the purpose of vindicating and recovering the singularity of this area, which for some time was known as “La Cenicienta Gallega” (the great Galician unknown).

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