Josh Reynolds highlights Avanteselecta wines in his latest article on Spanish wines

Josh Reynolds, a renowned international taster that is currently in charge of rating wines for Vinous -one of the most important specialised mediums worldwide and specifically in the North American market- has highlighted Avanteselecta wines by rating practically all its wines above 90 points. Josh Reynolds is currently in charge of tasting wines from some of the most outstanding wine regions in the world, such as in Spain, Rhône, Australia and Chile, among others.

One of the conclusions reached by the critic in his article about Spanish wines is that “the overall quality of Spanish wines continues to rise, as does their availability in export markets.” The result, according to Reynolds “is a rapidly increasing number of wines that are worthy of consumers’ attention.” The taster also mentions the difficulty involved in analysing a wine market such as the Spanish one, due to its extension, disparate regions and variety of vintages in the market. Therefore, Reynolds has decided to divide his analysis on Spanish wines in different articles, which will be released throughout the year.

With respect to the rating of Avanteselecta’s wines, specifically Rioja wines, Josh Reynolds has awarded the best rating to Obalo Reserva 2010, with 93 points, followed by Obalo Crianza 2013, with 92 points. Obalo joven 2015 and La Tarara 2013 have obtained 90 points.

As far as Rueda wines are concerned, the best-rated wine has been Naiades 2013 with 92 points, of which he highlights its bottle-ageing capacity. Naia 2015 obtained 91 points and S-Naia 2015 90 points.

Regarding Rias Baixas, Reynolds highlights the floral and mineral nature, as well as the long aftertaste, of Nora da Neve, which reminds him of the high range of Chabalis wines (Burgundy). He awarded this wine 93 points and Nora 91.

Still in Galicia, in the D. O. Monterrei, Pazo de Monterrey Godello has earned 91 points, while Pazo de Monterrey Mencía has been awarded 90 points.

Bodegas Mano a Mano has also obtained significant scores by the American taster, who has considered Venta La Ossa Syrah 2013, with 91 points, the best wine made by the bodega, and he asserts, “It is an impressive interpretation of the Syrah variety in Spain and a wine that is line with many examples in the north of Rhône”. On the other hand, Mano a Mano 2014 and Venta La Ossa Tempranillo were awarded by Reynolds 90 points.

Lastly, despite not having published notes on all the Ribera del Duero wines, he has rated some of them, such as those made by Bodegas Atalayas de Golbán, awarding Viridiana 2015 90 points and Torre de Golbán Crianza 2013 91 points.

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