Aviva Vino comes from the Spanish word ‘Avivar’, which means to rekindle, intensify and liven-up, which is what we, at Aviva Vino, are passionate about doing with wines from diverse cultures, landscapes and heritages with a distinctively Spanish and Latin focus.

It is hard to imagine now but, when Aviva Vino was first founded many years ago, knowledge of Spanish wines was almost non-existent in the US. Starting with a conviction that the wines from Spain were some of the most unique, well-crafted and over-delivering in the world we began by importing a carefully curated selection of leading family-owned Spanish wineries from the country’s most prestigious winemaking regions while always focusing on typicity, terroir and character. Over the years, Spanish wines would become one of the most popular categories in the US wine market and we are proud to have played a part in this transition.

With time, Aviva Vino became an unquestionable reference when it comes to quality Spanish wines in the USA and it was time for us to broaden our horizons. Nowadays, Aviva Vino has successfully expanded this vision to encompass other wines of unquestionable quality from countries such as  Italy and Portugal. 

Aviva Vino is a passionate and dynamic marketing, sales and distribution organisation. We have a fully dedicated team of wine professionals that exclusively distribute our wines in New York and New Jersey. Our key strength being our proven track record in the market and the personalised high level of service and delivery that we offer to our wide customer base which includes leading restaurants and hotels as well as specialised retail stores.

In the rest of the USA, we work directly with leading distributors in all of the country’s main markets with whom we have built solid and long-lasting relationships over the years.