Vinho Regional Minho
The vineyards spread over these estates: Quinta da Lixa, Quinta da Corredoura, Quinta do Souto, Quinta Nova, Quinta de Sanguinhedo e Quinta dos Lagareiros
vineyards yields
Quinta da Lixa has a total of 105 hectars of vineyard
Soil Profile
Most of the region lays on a granitic structure, with the exception of two narrow strips that cross it from NW-SE, one of Silurian with carboniferous and gravestone structures and another one of archaic shiest.
The region's climate is greatly influenced by the orographic characteristics and the fluvial network. Regarding the terrain, the region has a rather irregular topography, characterized by a compact valley's system combined with the fluvial network, developing from the seaside to the inland.
Alvarinho, Trajadura, Loureiro, Arinto, Avesso, Touriga Nacional, Espadeiro and Vinhao.

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