D. O. Monterrei is the least well-unknown denomination in Galicia. It is the only winegrowing region in Galicia whose territory lies along the Duero riverbank.
Pazos del Rey controls 25 hectares of vines, most of which are located on the slopes of the valley.
Age of the vineyards
Between 15 and 20 years of age
vineyards yields
2,000 kg/ha
Soil Profile
Granite-clay soils for the Godello variety (Pazo de Monterrey) and poor, shallow, sloped land with sandy-clay soils and a slate and schist base that enhance the aromas of the Mencía variety used in our Mencía
warm Mediterranean climate with a continental influence that is also affected by the Atlantic ocean. The hot and dry summers contrast with the cold winters. The region is subject to significant temperature variations of up to 30º during the maturation period.
Manual Harvest
Godello and Mencía

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